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Sewer Services in Lakeland FL

Sparkman Plumbing, Inc., is a plumbing contractor you can depend on if you're considering replacing, renovating or adding on to the existing sewer, water or gas lines in your home or business. We have the tools, experience and knowledge to correctly handle all of your plumbing matters.
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What to Expect

We have extensive hands-on experience in designing and repairing sewer systems to suit the specific sewage needs of homes and commercial buildings. Our technicians treat every project individually, and we provide a tailored solution that's determined by the requirements and expected capacity of the system. Before we begin any work, we obtain any necessary plumbing permits, and we use only high-quality materials to ensure your pipes last a long time. When the installation or repairs are complete and a municipal inspection has been conducted, we make every effort to restore your yard back to its original condition.

Sewer and Water Line Installations

Our sewer and water line professionals are able to install a new system for your property as well as replace or repair an existing system. Regardless of the size of the system that's required, your new system will be in compliance with local codes. We take care to avoid buried utility lines, and we try to cause the least amount of disorder to your property.

Gas Line Installation

Our gas piping services are performed by skilled technicians. We provide installation and inspection for all types of appliances, including:
  • Gas stoves and ranges
  • Furnace or boiler gas lines
  • Water heaters
  • Gas dryers
Whether you require a new gas line installation or the relocation of an existing line, we make sure that your gas lines are safely and accurately installed. You'll be further assured when our work is inspected and certified by the local inspection authority.